Paul T. Hornak

Paul T. Hornak has written for, among others, Reason and The New York Times. He lives in Georgia.

Latest by Paul T. Hornak in Chronicles

  • September 1989

    Wild About Budapest

    Come down the Danube through a "painters' paradise" of low hills, past a "bosky island," around a bend where suddenly the spires and parapets and bustling quays spread before you "in a pearly, blue-gray light."

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  • January 1989

    An American Burke

    John Randolph (1773-1833) survives in America's footnotes as a colorful contrarian, and the Gore Vidal school of historiography pants at his duel with Henry Clay and his taste for opium.

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  • Children of Fortune
    December 1988

    Children of Fortune

    Going by the tide and subtitle alone, it would appear that this is either a book about the lies rich people tell each other, or a book transforming the jingle of coins into the crash of magical cymbals.

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