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Nicholas Stix is a freelance writer in New York.

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  • Making Agenda Meet
    February 1998

    Making Agenda Meet

    During the early 1980's, social scientists noticed that welfare mothers were spending three to six times their official income.

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  • November 1997

    The Black Nationalism of George S. Schuyler

    Decisions, decisions. Such is the life of a black man in America today. Whether to be a black nationalist, a black Muslim, an Afrocentrist, or simply a color-blind Christian—a.k.a. an "Oreo," a traitor to the black race. Such choices are not new; they were made by black Americans in earlier generations, dramatically in the ease of George S. Schuyler.

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  • March 1997

    The War on White Teachers

    There have been problems all along with people who have deeply resented that white teachers teach black children. That there are people like myself who had black teachers seems to be of little consequence to them."

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  • August 1996

    Letter From New York City: Crime Stories

    According to former New York Police Commissioner William Bratton, New York City is safer than it has been in years. And if you believe that, I've got a great deal for you, on a slightly used bridge.

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  • January 1996

    Merry Kwanzaa

    What are you doing this year for Kwanzaa? T'his was once a ludicrous question, but in today's urban America public agencies, newspapers, and businesses trip over themselves showing their unqualified support for this anomalous occasion.

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  • Black English
    September 1995

    Black English

    "Black English" is clearly a strategy for dealing with whites in predominantly white institutions. In positing an insurmountable inability on the part of whites to understand blacks, it is stronger than the fashionable "insensitivity" thesis.

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  • December 1994

    Virulent Propaganda

    "There is no God, and if there was. She made a mistake." That statement came from a colleague of mine during a class in philosophy. That is also the extent to which most public college students will hear the "G" word mentioned during their years of "higher" education.

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  • September 1994

    Becoming Clients

    Students are becoming clients at an increasing number of public colleges. Indeed, staff members consider them "caseloads." Programs such as "Economic Opportunity Funds" (EOFs) exist as pork barrels, doling out patronage to middle- and upper-middle-class employees, enforcing racist and sexist personnel policies, and acting as politburos.

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  • October 1993

    Legalized Racism

    Wap! Someone just punched me, going down the subway stairs from the elevated. Behind me, I hear girlish, teenaged laughter. No accident here. I turn to my assailant, a 12- or 13-year-old black girl and tell her she'd better keep her hands to herself. "You better keep on walkin', I don't talk to no white people," she replies.

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  • No Longer Taken Seriously

    Downtown Manhattan is swarming with groups of educated, creative people bound to tell you who you are. Last year, for example, when I tried to catch the thriller Basic Instinct near Union Square, a gay group refused to let anyone see the film.

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Results: 10 Articles found.