Nicholas Davidson

Nicholas Davidson is the author of The Failure of Feminism, and the editor of Gender Sanity: The Case Against Feminism.

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  • Not Communism But Feminism
    November 1990

    Not Communism But Feminism

    News of strange doings up north has begun to travel south of the border. Last year, a University of Toronto mathematics professor was convicted of "sexual harassment" for allegedly staring at a part-time female student in the university pool.

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  • February 1990

    Between Tyranny and Chaos

    Why does serious 20th-century music attract so few listeners? This unpopularity is not due to a lack of interest in serious music itself, since classical music is a formidable industry that regularly draws vast numbers of listeners worldwide.

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  • October 1989

    Recalling the Case Against Female Suffrage

    I was asked once on a radio show whether the arguments I was making against feminism wouldn't also lead me to oppose women voting. I pointed out that though I personally favored giving women the vote, the case against female suffrage was a very respectable one, and was most visibly urged by women when female suffrage was an issue and not a fact.

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  • January 1989

    Who Is Pete Schaub?

    When Pete Schaub, a business major in his senior year at the University of Washington at Seattle, couldn't get into an overenrolled business course for the first quarter of 1988, he signed up for "Women 200: Introduction to Women Studies" instead.

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  • September 1988

    The New Obscurantism

    Santayana's commonplace observation that "Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it" is not popular with professional historians, who suffer from chronic disagreement about what the past means, or whether it means anything at all.

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