Negovan Rajic

Negovan Rajic is a novelist and playwright Quebec born in Belgrade in Yugoslavia on 24 June 1923. He arrived in Canada in 1969.

Latest by Negovan Rajic in Chronicles

  • The Media War Against the Serbs
    January 1997

    The Media War Against the Serbs

    In the Yugoslav conflict, misinformation has exceeded anything ever witnessed during World War II. Television coverage of the war has appealed to emotions and weakened our faculties for critical analysis, leaving them vulnerable to manipulation by opinion-makers.

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  • On Liberty and the Grand Idea
    December 1988

    On Liberty and the Grand Idea

    For a long time I thought I knew how to evade the discourse of the Grand Idea. It began when I was in the Yugoslav People's Army. The war was barely over, but victory brought no greater liberty to those who had suffered the Nazi occupation, and the brainwashing in the barracks grew more and more obsessive.

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