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  • Repudiating the Debt
    April 2014

    Repudiating the Debt

    Since Reagan, however, intellectual political life has gone topsy-turvy. Conservatives and allegedly “free-market” economists have turned handsprings trying to find new reasons why “deficits don’t matter,” why we should all relax and enjoy the process.

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  • July 2001

    Repudiating the National Debt

    Before the Reagan era, conservatives were clear about how they felt about deficits and the public debt: a balanced budget was good, and deficits and the public debt were bad, piled up by free-spending Keynesians and socialists, who absurdly proclaimed that there was nothing wrong or onerous about the public debt.

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  • Sweet Land of Liberty
    July 1995

    Sweet Land of Liberty

    I am deeply honored to receive the Richard Weaver Award, to stand in the ranks of the distinguished men who have received it, and to have an award in the name of a man who has always been one of my heroes.

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  • October 1994

    Sanctions: War on the Cheap

    The modern weapon of "sanctions" seems made-to-order for the foreign policy of Bill Clinton. Remarkably evasive and unprincipled even for a modern politician, Clinton is possessed of a horror of commitment in both his personal and his political life.

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  • Life in the Old Right
    August 1994

    Life in the Old Right

    One problem with labeling ideological movements "old" or "new" is that inevitably, with the passage of time, the "new" becomes an "old" and the markers get confusing. In the modern, post-World War II right wing, there have been a number of "news" and hence "olds" over the past half-century.

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