Mihajlo Mihajlov

Mihajlo Mihajlov is the author of Moscow Summer, Russian Them, Underground Notes.

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  • The Consequence of Ideas
    February 1993

    The Consequence of Ideas

    Unusual news is arriving from the former Soviet Union: leading democrats such as Yuri Afanasyev, Yelena Bonner, and many others are publicly protesting against the management of Radio Liberty.

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  • January 1989

    Totalitarian Disease

    Viktor Trostnikov, a scientist and philosopher from Moscow, recently paid a visit to Washington, DC. A decade ago he was fired from his job as professor of higher mathematics at the Moscow Institute of Railway Engineering, for participation in the almanac Metropol, and he currently earns a living as a mason.

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  • Washing Onto the Pages

    A new word, "hazing," has washed onto the pages of the Soviet press with the wave of glasnost. It denotes the harassment, oppression, and humiliation suffered by new conscripts, "greenhorns," at the hands of "grandfathers"—the Soviet term for soldiers who are nearing the end of their conscription term.

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  • November 1986

    Communists Hit the Bottle

    A new anti-alcohol campaign has been launched in the USSR on two fronts—one of administrative imposition of measures, sometimes very severe, and one of ideological justification for those measures.

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  • The Return of the Grand Inquisitor
    June 1985

    The Return of the Grand Inquisitor

    Solzhenitsyn's views on how to resist totalitarian communism can engender even greater pessimism. It is just this unique mixture of correct and incorrect, true and false, that makes Solzhenitsyn's ideological-political appeals so dangerous.

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