Michal Krupa

Michal Krupa is an historian and journalist based in Wroclaw. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in political science at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University.

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  • Was Poland's Notorious Communist Dictator Actually a Conservative?
    October 2020

    Was Poland's Notorious Communist Dictator Actually a Conservative?

    Polish leader Wojciech Jaruzelski was a communist dictator, but one whose decisions were guided by the desire to maintain order and stability against a revolutionary wave; a ruler guided by geopolitical realism. Just now, scholars are realizing this.

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  • A New Right Arises in Poland
    February 2020

    A New Right Arises in Poland

    The year 2019 was an eventful one in Polish politics. Out of a boring and meaningless dispute between two wings of Polish liberalism, there arose a new political force determined to shake up Poland’s political culture. Eleven MPs from the new Confederation Party appeared in the Polish Parliament, the Sejm, after last October’s parliamentary elections. This development came as a shock to many in Poland, as well as abroad. The new Israeli ambassador to Poland, Alexander Ben Zvi, was quick to warn that “the views of individual members” of Confederation are a “problem.” It’s worth pointing out that the Israeli ambassador was the only member of the diplomatic corps in Poland to voice such an objection.

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