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Michael Warder was an associate publisher of Chronicles. He is now the principal of The Warder Consultancy.

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  • July 1986

    Disintering Détente

    The Soviet Union has reached the peak of its military power by reducing its economy to a shambles. If it continues to lavish its resources on the military, the economy will further decline, eventually imperiling the military budget.

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  • March 1986

    Bloody Ivan

    When historians draw up their lists of ruthless autocrats, Ivan the Terrible is usually near the top. When political scientists assert that totalitarianism is not a new phenomenon, they back up their claim with a reference to Ivan the Terrible, the 16th-century leader of Russia who dominated both church and state. This first Czar of Russia is clearly a benchmark ruler.

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  • February 1986

    The Ever-Receding Worker's Paradise

    This month the Communist Party of the Soviet Union will adopt another Party program. Released as a draft in October 1985, this program constitutes a definitive statement of where the party is and where it is-headed on its path to the worker's paradise.

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  • December 1985

    Brezhnev and Beyond

    Perhaps it is inevitable that the new Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife Raisa (already dubbed the "Bo Derek of the Steppes" in a British press report) will come to the United States.

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  • A Survivor...So Far
    November 1985

    A Survivor...So Far

    Shevchenko, the highest ranking Soviet diplomat ever to defect, arguably knows more about the moti­vation, reasoning, mechanics, and personalities of the Soviet foreign poli­cy establishment than any American.

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  • October 1985

    Trenchcoat Treachery

    This is a dry, almost mechanical description of a poorly understood but intriguing and vitally important subject: the GRU. After the KGB, the GRU (Chief Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff) is arguably the second largest and most powerful intelligence agency in the world.

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Results: 26 Articles found.