Michael Lind

Michael Lind writes from Washington, D.C. 

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  • The Thought of the Constitution
    January 1991

    The Thought of the Constitution

    In their program "A Decade of Study of the Constitution," Robert A. Goldwin and his collaborators at the American Enterprise Institute have consistently published the most readable and stimulating discussions of contemporary constitutional issues to have appeared in America.

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  • October 1990

    Promoting Agendas

    William J. Brennan, Jr., has retired from the Supreme Court. In three decades on the nation's highest court Brennan did more, perhaps, than any other American politician except for Lyndon Johnson to promote the agenda of the liberal left . . .

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  • August 1990

    Executive Poppycock

    Terry Eastland, formerly of the Reagan Justice Department, has written a learned book explaining that, according to the Constitution, embarrassing crimes in an administration can only be investigated by prosecutors on a leash held by the President whom those crimes embarrass.

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  • Bork v. Bork
    February 1990

    Bork v. Bork

    Two of the most vilified judges in US history have probably been Judge Robert H. Bork and Chief Justice Roger Taney. Both gained notoriety early in their appointments by demonstrating their willingness to fire opponents of a domineering President's policy.

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  • In Search of the New American Man
    December 1989

    In Search of the New American Man

    The evident purpose of Taming the Prince is to provide a respectable philosophical pedigree for the usurpations and abuses of power by American Presidents since FDR.

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