Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is an associate professor of English at Hillsdale College.

Latest by Michael Jordan in Chronicles

  • April 1999

    Me and Mecosta: Studying With Russell Kirk

    Russell Kirk played a prominent role in founding and promoting modern conservatism in America—not neoconservatism, but the more traditional variety which emphasizes culture and tradition more than political programs and economics.

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  • The Roads Both Taken
    October 1993

    The Roads Both Taken

    In "On the Reading of Old Books," C.S. Lewis bemoans the fact that so many modern readers study recently written books rather than the classics, which have stood the test of time.

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  • A Humane Historian
    October 1991

    A Humane Historian

    In this book Harriet Owsley remembers the life, friendships, and scholarly career she shared with her husband, Frank Lawrence Owsley. The subtitle of her memoir calls attention to her husband's field of study as teacher and scholar.

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  • January 1986

    Faith and Freud in the Bayou

    A comic religious novel, North Gladiola treats the same region of southeast Louisiana and some of the same characters that James Wilcox introduced to his readers in his first novel, Modern Baptists (Doubleday, 1983).

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