Mary Pride

Mary Pride is the publisher of Practical Homeschooling the editor of The Big Book of Home Learning.

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  • Going the Distance
    September 2000

    Going the Distance

    Homeschooling parents are all too aware of the hazards they face in signing up a beloved child for four years at Ivy U, Good Old State U, or even Used-to-be Christian College.

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  • Star Trek or Star Wars?
    September 1999

    Star Trek or Star Wars?

    When I was growing up, the nuclear-war nightmare and other end-of-the-world scenarios weighed heavily on filmmakers' minds. From radioactive giant lizards trashing Tokyo to the ironic Planet of the Apes, from On the Beach to Dr. Strangelove, the movies made it clear that our social order was on the edge of extinction.

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  • September 1994

    Hire Education

    Technology as Reform Higher education has become hire education. That is the message of a series of recent books by Richard Mitchell, Charles Sykes, Thomas Sowell, Roger Kimball, Dinesh D'Souza, and Richard Huber.

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  • When the Schoolhouse Is Our House
    October 1989

    When the Schoolhouse Is Our House

    Somebody recently did a "study" purporting to discover that at-home mothers spend hardly any more time daily with their children than mothers who work full-time outside the home.

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