Mary Kohler

Mary Kohler is vice chairman of The Rockford Institute’s board of directors

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  • Letter From Hvar: Withstanding the Fire
    August 2006

    Letter From Hvar: Withstanding the Fire

    Three years ago, half of the long, narrow Croatian island of Hvar burned, including 200-year-old Mediterranean pines and much of the island’s three major crops—lavender, grapes for wine, and olives.

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  • April 2004

    The Road to Ensenada

    At a quarter of nine in the morning, we climbed into our four-wheel-drive pickup where the new road ends at Llanada Grande.

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  • With Darkness All Around
    December 2003

    With Darkness All Around

    As I drove into town after supper on Sunday evening, the all-too-familiar boom, boom of some young man’s car stereo assaulted me. Otherwise, it was a lovely fall evening, just dark.

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  • May 2002

    A Road Too Far?

    I awoke again this morning to an entirely clear sky. It is cold early in the morning in late summer in the mountains of South Chile, about 45 degrees. We are suffering through a very long dry spell.

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