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  • September 2008

    Be Not Afraid

    In Leviticus, God gives Israel a number of blessings and curses that describe the benefits and consequences of keeping (or failing to keep) the Sinai covenant. One of the “covenant curses” is curiously descriptive of the jittery culture of fear in which we now live.

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  • My MSM Rules

    When it comes to understanding the Mainstream Media (MSM), I have two simple rules. Rule One: Take off 50 IQ points whenever the MSM cover religion, and bump that up to about 100 points whenever the religion is Catholicism.

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  • December 2007

    Big Brother Versus Jihad

    The very idea of a War on Terror is preposterous. (Everyone remembers the War on Aviation after Pearl Harbor, right?)

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  • November 2007

    Materialist Dogmatism

    We all know that religious believers are fools who will tell themselves anything to prop up their preconceived notions, while atheists are hard-headed rationalists who look the evidence in the face and follow the Truth no matter the cost.

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  • October 2007

    Some Thoughts on Motu Proprio Mania

    I am gratified that the long-awaited moth proprio from Pope Benedict, urging a wider celebration of the Tridentine Rite, is out. I’m happy for those, including my son, who love to worship in that way.

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