Mark G. Malvasi

Mark G. Malvasi teaches history at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia.

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  • February 1997

    Parenting and the State

    In my day, and my day was not so very long ago, boys respected and even feared the fathers of the girls whom they dated. Growing up, I went out with a lot of Italian girls.

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  • March 1996

    Arthur Ashe Lives

    As widely reported last year, a statue of Arthur Ashe has joined those of the Confederate heroes that grace Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. Were the issue only, or even principally, the desire of Richmonders to commemorate the life and accomplishments of their native son, the proposed memorial would have excited little debate.

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  • A Setting Sun
    April 1995

    A Setting Sun

    Contra Ecclesiastes, the American presidency was something new under the sun. With no explicit precedents to guide them, the Founding Fathers constructed the office and defined its parameters by analogy.

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  • Race Matters
    November 1994

    Race Matters

    This book is either irrefutable evidence against a multicultural society or the last-ditch plea of someone who is very concerned with the problems posed by multiculturalism but: who wants to make a go of it nevertheless. It may well be both.

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  • A Child of the Revolution
    November 1994

    A Child of the Revolution

    In his engaging biography of John C. Calhoun, Irving H. Bartlett reminds us that American political culture and the men who made it were not always as decadent and corrupt as they are today.

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  • An Aura of Prophecy
    September 1992

    An Aura of Prophecy

    More often than not, historians of antebellum American politics lose their perspective, and perhaps their good sense, when they encounter John C. Calhoun.

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Results: 6 Articles found.