Marion Montgomery

Marion Montgomery is the author of many books, including most recently Liberal Arts and Community and The Men I Have Chosen for Fathers.

Latest by Marion Montgomery in Chronicles

  • Faith of Our Fathers
    April 1992

    Faith of Our Fathers

    Ellis Sandoz's new book is of such importance to us in our intellectually disoriented day as to require, not a "review," but an essay commendatory.

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  • A Meditation on a Meditation
    March 1990

    A Meditation on a Meditation

    Why has the South had such a flowering of letters in the interval between World War I and the Korean War? Flannery O'Connor responded to that question by quoting the answer Walker Percy gave when he received the National Book Award for The Moviegoer: "Because we lost the War."

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  • January 1988

    Academic Afterword: On the Occasion of My Retirement From the Academy

    In my institution I have been sharply critical of the public relations attempts at self-justification and self-elevation in the interest of the community's largess, the larger grants of public money to support a larger and larger institution.

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