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  • June 2006

    The Age of Verification

    Some millennia after the Earth spun out of nothingness and began hosting life forms, there dawned the Age of Reptiles, which gave way to the Age of Mammals.

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  • June 2005

    Digitize Me: For Your Disinformation

    Digitomania is the compulsion to digitize all human activity. Its compulsive nature is betrayed by the casual, thoughtless manner in which we are casting ourselves down the slippery cyberslope, “acknowledging” the “perils” yet completely unwilling and unable to pull ourselves back.

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  • April 2005

    Digitize Me: Fake ID

    The cultural critique of “robotization,” “automation,” “computerization,” “the cybernetic society,” “technofascism”—the takeover of human affairs by artificial intelligence—was born of artist/poet William Blake in the 18th century.

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  • March 2005

    And Death Shall Have No Dominion

    Pundits have been calling them “designer babies” since the first egg was fertilized and nurtured ex utero more than a quarter-century ago.

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  • March 2004

    Pink Elephants on Parade

    More than ever before, homosexual characters and situations are being featured on television. Needless to say, the lay of TV Land is overwhelmingly favorable: cheery, cuddly, cute, and camp.

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  • November 2003

    Making the Whole

    As a race, the British are considered neither the most intellectual nor the most artistic, Britain’s role in the invention of modern physics (Newton) and modern painting (Turner) notwithstanding.

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  • August 2003

    Whose Side Is God On?

    Does God take sides in conflicts between men? If He does, how can we tell? Is the side favored by God always victorious, or can a lost cause also have been blessed?

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  • June 2002

    Revamped by the Psychic Vampires

    When you’ve done something pretty bad, or nothing particularly good, the best defense is a good offense. Attack mode works better than the smoothest excuses—God forbid you should ever apologize!—to obscure your faults and silence criticism before it is even uttered.

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  • March 2002

    All Play and No Work

    A kid today, if he aspires to anything other than slack itself, aspires to one of three “crafts”: acting, sports, or rock ’n’ roll. He wants either to play a part, to play a game, or to play guitar.

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  • November 2001

    Hell Is Other People

    Robin N—wasn't sure what was wrong. The suburban Milwaukee mother of three had experienced a pang upon turning 35, but these "pangs" seemed to be intensifying as the months passed.

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  • January 2001

    Kulturklatsch of the Wholly Global Empire

    "All politics is local": once a savvy saying, now a wistful whine. All culture, too, used to be local, but that's changing fast.

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  • March 2000

    Infomercial: An Algorithm for the Web

    News Item: "Al Gore helped lead the federal response to Y2K, hut that doesn't mean his own Internet operations went hug-free.

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  • It's a Girl's, Girl's, Girl's, Girl's World
    February 2000

    It's a Girl's, Girl's, Girl's, Girl's World

    Men are being driven out, however, not by women, but by other men; not for reasons of "gender equity," but for reasons of political power.

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  • November 1999

    Computer Cult

    Forget Back to Basics, language immersion. New (and newer and newer Math, the seven types of intelligence. Learn by Doing, the Great Books, discovery learning, arts-based education.

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  • August 1999

    Two Kinds of People

    The media told us that "critics warn bombing alone won't budge Milosevic," so when bombing alone did budge him, the media told us 'twas a famous victory. "It worked!" gushed Mara Liasson of National Public Radio as the G-8 peace accord was announced in early June.

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  • June 1999

    Yes, California, There Is a Right Answer

    They say you can't fight city hall—but a group of California parents calling itself Mathematically Correct (MC) has taken on the statehouse and won the right to restore a rigorous math curriculum to public education.

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  • February 1999

    The Success of Direct Instruction

    What if the federal government spent a billion tax dollars over nearly three decades to study thoroughly the question of which teaching method best instills knowledge, sharpens cognitive skills, and enhances self-esteem in young children?

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  • September 1998

    Globaloney in the Classroom

    The longer one observes American public schools today, the more comprehensive and deep-rooted the globalist infection appears. The erstwhile revolutionary-leftist underground has become the establishment, in public education and every other institution.

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  • October 1997

    Dumb and Number

    Girls mature physically and socially earlier than boys, God's way of bettering the survival odds for female children.

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  • May 1997

    Estrogen Poisoning

    A first-grade teacher in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., concludes that while some of her pupils suffer various degrees of parental neglect, others seem to be experiencing the opposite extreme.

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