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  • No Excuses for Libby

    Apologists for Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the former chief of staff for Vice President Dick Cheney who was convicted in March of perjury and obstruction of justice, are relying on two lines of argument: that Libby was the Bush administration’s “fall guy,” and that Libby’s problem was his faulty memory—the “busy-man defense.”

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  • October 2004

    No Political Pressure?

    That the intelligence community (IC) misrepresented evidence suggesting that Iraq was harboring WMD’s cannot be denied. To what extent was this misrepresentation politically motivated?

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  • June 2004

    Who Was Watching the Watchers?

    One cannot reasonably assume that the attacks of September 11, 2001, were a seamless conspiracy. Even a successful plot is not a well-oiled machine, and, whatever the plotting behind the scenes, as Shakespeareans say about Romeo and Juliet, the skyjackings of September 11 were, in some ways, tragedy snatched from the jaws of comedy.

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  • January 2004

    Information Sharing

    On February 13, 2001, George W. Bush, three weeks in the Oval Office, issued his first official White House document pertaining to national security.

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  • October 2002

    The Etymology of “Homeland Security”

    A search for the origin of the term “homeland security,” which has emerged almost from nowhere since last September, leads to the little-known Institute for Homeland Security, formed in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., in October 1999.

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  • Ignoring Important Stories

    After September 11, several important stories continue to be ignored. Here, to a lay observer, is the shape of the past fall’s most overlooked developments.

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  • February 2002

    Consistent Sponsers

    Terrorism, in our time, has found one of its most consistent sponsors in Pakistan. This fact is so simple it could be taught in fourth-grade geography; only the names are difficult.

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  • Lying Under Oath

    President Clinton lied under oath as well as on television: About that, few have disagreed. So why wasn't lying under oath simply regarded as perjury?

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  • January 1997

    Southern White Trash

    Surely anyone looking at film with an eye to understanding American pop culture or, for that matter, American serious culture, lately, would have to be intrigued by the recent spate of "whitetrash flicks."

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Results: 9 Articles found.