Madison Smartt Bell

Madison Smartt Bell is the author of The Washington Square Ensemble and Soldier's Joy.

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  • Time and the Tide in the Southern Short Story
    March 1991

    Time and the Tide in the Southern Short Story

    Perhaps since the War Between the States itself, and certainly since the literary Southern Renascence became conscious of itself in the 30's and 40's, educated Southerners, and Southern writers especially, have taken their sense of history as a point of pride. Now

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  • When the Old Order Passes
    May 1990

    When the Old Order Passes

    There's a story about the filming of The Big Sleep that ought to be true even if it isn't. When Howard Hawks was supervising the final cut he realized he didn't know who had killed the butler, so he summoned the screenwriter, William Faulkner, to find out.

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  • Andrew Lytle Talks
    September 1988

    Andrew Lytle Talks

    Andrew Lytle lives in a log house on the Assembly Grounds in Monteagle, Tennessee. It is a busy area in summer, but in the wintertime most of the other houses are closed, and he has few immediate neighbors.

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  • June 1988

    George Garrett Talks

    This interview took place on September 18 and 19, 1985, at Garrett's house in Charlottesville, not far from the University of Virginia.

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