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Loxley Nichols teaches at Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland.

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  • An American Original
    February 2001

    An American Original

    In the world of blue bloods and blue books, where nicknames like "Oatsie," "Tootsie," "Bunny," and "Babe" abound, being called "Sister" isn't particularly unusual. Even in her professional life.

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  • Dixie Redux
    September 1998

    Dixie Redux

    In Maryland, one naturally associates historical reenactment with the Civil War. Yet the only reenactor I know eschews the Civil for the Revolutionary War because, he says, "I don't reenact events where the people are still fighting the war.

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  • Full Circle
    July 1998

    Full Circle

    One of two epigraphs with which Elizabeth Spencer introduces her memoir of growing up in northern Mississippi is taken from the closing sentence of her story, "A Southern Landscape."

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  • The Last Gentlemen
    April 1998

    The Last Gentlemen

    Walker Percy was born in Birmingham, Alabama, on May 7, 1916, the eldest son of a prosperous lawyer and a Georgia socialite. In addition to patrician lineage, Percy enjoyed a birthright of wealth and privilege.

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  • The Habit of Making
    November 1997

    The Habit of Making

    In October 1986, I heard Robert Penn Warren read a selection of his poems at an LSU conference marking the 50th anniversary of the Southern Review. He was 81 years old, exceeding frail, and suffering from cancer.

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  • To the Lighthouse
    January 1997

    To the Lighthouse

    When Camilla, the elderly spinster daughter of the infamous Captain Jack Fennel and matriarch of the Fennel family, sees her house guest holding an antique spyglass, she comments, "My father's glass. Dr. Danvers. Are you planning a voyage?"

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  • The End of Time
    December 1995

    The End of Time

    In his last novel, In the Tennessee Country, published the summer before Peter Taylor's death on November 2, 1994, a man, the narrator's cousin, "chucks" his family, his home, and his identity, and disappears.

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  • Lies, Damn Lies, and Absurdities
    February 1995

    Lies, Damn Lies, and Absurdities

    Despite its optimistic title, Recovering American Literature is really about the severity of illness, the magnitude of loss. In a book weighted with evidence, Peter Shaw shows literature has suffered by subverting art to politics.

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  • Nothing Out of Something
    January 1990

    Nothing Out of Something

    Moving by fits and starts, this biography of the Southern novelist and wife of Allen Tate lacks focus and—ultimately—purpose. Veronica Makowsky's is a dull account of an inherently interesting subject.

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