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Leon Steinmetz teaches creative writing at Harvard. 

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  • January 1991

    Assassination of el Piochito

    "When he was young, Coba was very fond of hunting, but not with a rifle, he preferred traps," wrote Leon Trotsky in his essay in 1939.

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  • The Witch
    October 1989

    The Witch

    When my novella, which I was writing obsessively all my senior year at the Academy and a year after that, was accepted by a publisher and I was given a modest advance, I decided to buy myself an apartment.

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  • June 1989

    One Day in the Life

    When I was 15 years old I read a book that shattered me. The book was called SS im Einsatz ("The SS in Action"). It was a nonfiction book, a 600-page collection of documents—memos, orders, dispatches sent to the units of Waffen-SS, reports from the sonderkommandoes in action in Germany and elsewhere.

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  • Digging For Truth in Pravda
    November 1988

    Digging For Truth in Pravda

    I confess—I know Russian. This ability has been causing me a lot of irritation lately. I have been bombarded with questions from people who don't know the language, about what is really going on in Moscow now.

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  • Who Was Vladimir Nabokov?
    April 1988

    Who Was Vladimir Nabokov?

    The present essay was prompted, in part, by the newest volume on Nabokov by Andrew Field, the volume which generated hostile reviews from people who consider Nabokov one of the best writers who ever lived, and a favorable reaction from those who think of him as but a juggler of exquisite images and intricate words, a snob with eccentric literary tastes, and an unrepentant political conservative.

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  • January 1988

    Thoughts On Mikhail Bulgakov

    I always think of Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov with tenderness, as if he were my relative, and a very close and dear one at that. Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov was not my relative. I was not even fortunate to know him personally—he died a few years before I was born.

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  • May 1987

    A Child's Joke: A Story

    The sea, warm and quiet, lay in front of me. Dusk was falling, and there was a strong smell of brine and kelp in the air.

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