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  • August 1992

    Toughening Your Position

    South Africa's March 17 referendum led the government to toughen its position against the ANC. Within a month after the results, Mr. de Klerk got the ANC at the Convention for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA) to agree to the election of a transitional; government, the interim government the ANC had wanted appointed.

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  • August 1991

    Law Survives

    Winnie Manela's recent conviction shows that something like the rule of law survives in South Africa after the unconditional release of her husband.

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  • February 1991

    Education in an Age of Haste

    Not much more than 24 hours ago, one of many of you who could get away with it asked me to speak to you on Class Day. It hit me that for a tutor who insists on students meeting deadlines, the situation has the best of comic myth: you got yours back, and at the same time gave me an honor whose sweetness I can taste.

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  • South Africa
    June 1989

    South Africa

    Everybody knows somewhere inside him that South Africa, since 1984, and really for a generation, has been a set piece in the bloody farce we call "revolution."

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  • May 1989

    The Way We Do It

    This book gathers important information on the politicization of the schools, even the elementary schools, at the cost of facts—and flight from the world.

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  • March 1986

    Whose Voice Counts?

    "I am teaching you to use a tool more deadly than a pistol." This is the message beginning journalism students hear from an instructor who spoke last year at a conference on "Our Enemies' Use of the Media," sponsored by Accuracy in Media.

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Results: 6 Articles found.