Laura Rogers

Laura Rogers is the founder of St. Charles Christian School, which operated for twenty years. She was a lobbyist for the Missouri homeschool law, which has been used as a model nationally, is a Moore Foundation research associate, and is the mother of six.

Latest by Laura Rogers in Chronicles

  • September 1992

    In Loco Parentis, Part II

    My ten years of research have finally paid off. My article in the February 1991 Chronicles, "In Loco Parentis: The Brave New Family in Missouri," has led to nationwide opposition to the Parents as Teachers (PAT) program that began here in Missouri.

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  • February 1991

    In Loco Parentis: The Brave New Family in Missouri

    Many people are concerned about the problems that face our nation today, and the good folks at the Missouri Department of Education are no exception. In an attempt to reverse the decline in enrollment and the high dropout rate, and to win back parental favor for the public school system, Missouri launched an experimental parenting program in 1981.

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