K.L. Billingsley

K.L. Billingsley lives outside of San Diego.

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  • August 1989

    LA's Cult of the Dead

    One of the many hearses that ply Hollywood Boulevard is different from all the others. The long gray Cadillac sports a sunroof, air-conditioning, and a cargo of live bodies, not dead ones.

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  • November 1988

    Live from San Diego, It's Vladimir Posner

    On any Wednesday night, there's plenty to do in San Diego, or "America's Finest City," as it is billed. But tonight the locals pack the University of California lecture hall to hear Vladimir Posner, the Soviet Union's most famous journalist.

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  • American Piety, Then and Now
    September 1988

    American Piety, Then and Now

    One might quibble with Wilson's "Christian nation" formula, but Wheaton College professors Roger Lundin and Mark Noll have collected considerable evidence for a solidly religious nation, what the subtitle of their book calls "four centuries of American piety."

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  • August 1988

    Fraud in Belgrade

    In a century of socialist failure, Yugoslavia has shown remarkable staying power as a model of "socialism with a human face," an "independent" Communist country that actually works. But is it independent, and does it work?

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