Kit Reed

Kit Reed is the author of The Story Until Now: A Great Big Book of Short Stories, and most recently Mormama (Tor Books, 2017).

Latest by Kit Reed in Chronicles

  • June 1994

    The Weremother: A Short Story

    Often in that period in her life, when she least expected it, she would feel the change creeping over her. It would start in the middle of an intense conversation with her younger son or with her daughter, behind whose newly finished face she saw her past and intimations of her future flickering silently, waiting to break cover.

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  • Presidents' Hill: A Short Story
    October 1990

    Presidents' Hill: A Short Story

    Jessie and Kirk Dawson were in their late 20's when they I moved into Grove Glen, and Fred Glover's wife Eva saw at once that they needed work. This was a tight community, not the kind two kids could walk into cold, so Eva took it as her responsibility.

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  • The Garden Club: A Short Story
    October 1989

    The Garden Club: A Short Story

    She knew she did it well, had done this well almost all her married life; she would spend days at it if she had to, just to make it right. Still, every time the members of the Garden Club came to Alicia's house, her mouth dried and her belly trembled.

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