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  • The French Revolution in Canada
    April 1998

    The French Revolution in Canada

    In their British North America (BNA) Act of 1867, the Fathers of Canada's confederation produced a work of genius. The two senior levels of government were awarded separate and exclusive powers: Ottawa over national matters; provincial governments over property and civil rights and "generally all matters of a merely local or private nature in the province."

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  • December 1995

    General Lewis MacKenzie on the Balkans War

    To a career soldier there is something incongruous in the business of "peacekeeping." Offensive action is a principle of war, and the need to submerge that instinct in a bland neutrality calls for more than ordinary self-control.

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  • February 1994

    Standard Fare

    Canada's role in World War II was relived last year on Canadian national television via a mini-series entitled The Valour and the Horror. The second part of the series, Death by Moonlight: Bomber Command, was met by protests so widespread as to cause the whole series to be placed on the agenda of the Canadian Senate's Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs.

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  • November 1992

    Backed Into a Box

    Canada's social engineers got themselves into a box by creating what the Bilingualism and Biculturalism Commission called in 1967 "an equal partnership between the two founding races."

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  • March 1992

    A Guide to Political Reform

    In May 1987 a meeting of about two hundred delegates from the four Western provinces met in Vancouver to discuss a common concern: alienation of Western Canada that resulted from the concentration of political power in an Ottawa largely controlled by Ontario and Quebec.

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  • April 1991

    Saving the Children

    On September 30, 1990, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney addressed the World Summit for Children, of which he was co-chairman, at the United Nations in New York.

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  • August 1990

    The Politics of Acid Rain in Canada

    Until this year, acid rain was rarely front-page material in Canada, though a Parliamentary Special Committee on Acid Rain did solid work both on identifying the sources and proposing remedies.

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  • July 1990

    Ici On Parle Anglais

    When Canada's federal government committed the country to two official languages, it set the scene for the social revolution that has since been foisted upon the Canadian majority.

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  • Tell Them What They Want to Hear
    April 1989

    Tell Them What They Want to Hear

    Unremarked by commentators on Canada's federal election last November was the performance of candidates for the Communist Party of Canada. To qualify for national status, a party must field candidates in 50 ridings, which the CPC manages to do despite a singular lack of voter support.

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  • Letter from Canada: Legislating Oppression
    February 1984

    Letter from Canada: Legislating Oppression

    It is the attempt to band some of those individuals into particular masses that changes the form of government from a limited one to an oppressive one.

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Results: 10 Articles found.