Juliana Geran Pilon

Juliana Geran Pilon is vice president of the National Forum Foundation in Washington. 

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  • Beyond Hubris
    September 1991

    Beyond Hubris

    With disarming and hardly disingenuous modesty, Polish humanist Leszek Kolakowski describes his new anthology, Modernity on Endless Trial, as a loose collection of "semi-philosophical sermons" written over the course of a decade or so, purporting to offer no original philosophy.

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  • July 1989

    A Plea for Choice

    It is heartening to learn that economic growth is largest in countries where the government is least meddlesome.

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  • April 1989

    Weighing Freedom

    This yearbook, prepared by Freedom House—a private nonprofit foundation from New York—is the tenth in the series of annual comparative surveys of political and civil liberties in the world.

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