Joseph Scotchie

Joseph Scotchie is a regular contributor to various conservative publications.

Latest by Joseph Scotchie in Chronicles

  • Stupid Is Not Enough
    December 2017

    Stupid Is Not Enough

    Annals of the Stupid Party is more than a blistering critique of Republican ineptitude. Wilson is delivering one last two-by-four to the elephant: Donald Trump has taught you how to win again, by confronting such crucial issues as trade and immigration.

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  • Blue State Mencken
    May 2006

    Blue State Mencken

    In 1989, a volume of H.L. Mencken’s journals was published. The contents revealed, among many other things, impolite utterances by the Sage of Baltimore about blacks and Jews.

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  • The Road to Ideology
    January 2006

    The Road to Ideology

    Americans have never been big on “political theory.” In our nation’s early decades—and arguably, up to World War II—folks were comfortable with their republican form of government and its tenets of self-reliance and self-government.

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  • James W. Moses, R.I.P.

    The passing of James Moses, after a long battle with cancer, is sad news for many in the Chronicles circle.  Jim was an occasional contributor to Chronicles, a John Randolph Club member, and a longtime foot soldier in Old Right causes.

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  • While America Sleeps
    March 2003

    While America Sleeps

    Ten years ago, it appeared that immigration restrictionists were poised to win some real political victories. In 1992, Pat Buchanan had raised the previously untouchable issue in his presidential primary challenge to George H.W. Bush.

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