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Joseph Schwartz is professor of English at Marquette University.

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  • Study in Scarlet
    December 1987

    Study in Scarlet

    Roger's Version, John Updike's latest novel, can be understood best if seen in intimate and serious connection with Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. First, the cast of characters: Hester (Esther), Arthur Dimmesdale (Dale Kohler), Roger Chillingworth (Roger Lambert), and Pearl (Paula/Poopsie).

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  • Postmortem
    October 1987


    When the reputable and talented die, it is often their fate to have their privacy examined in detail. This is a mixed blessing at best. How chilling it is to remember that Nijinski's feet were cut open to see if the bones were somehow special.

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  • June 1987

    Catholic Church USA

    Three histories of the Catholic Church in the United States have become available within a two-year period—books by James Hennesey, S.J., Martin Marty, and now Jay P. Dolan, the bitterest of the three.

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  • December 1986

    The Pope and the Press

    When the Extraordinary Synod of the Roman Catholic Church ended (December 1985), thousands of words were written about the event by religious journalists of every variety.

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  • Not a Prayer
    August 1986

    Not a Prayer

    Individualism is the question of first concern to the future of the West. The dread argument of the individual case is, I think, the fundamental idea of modernism.

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  • May 1986

    Bridge Out

    It is impossible to read Gorham Munson's The Awakening Twenties without thinking of Malcolm Cowley's Exile's Return, since both are memoir-histories of the 20's. Munson, however, is concerned only with 1913-1924.

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  • Stranded by the Time Machine
    June 1985

    Stranded by the Time Machine

    The publication of these three books is likely only to revive and alter our memory of him — not to change our opinion of his limited value.

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  • Missing Pieces
  • December 1983

    One Way Out

    Although Lost in the Cosmos is not a novel in the sense that Walker Percy's earlier Love in the Ruins is, both conjure up catastrophe.

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Results: 9 Articles found.