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  • January 2003

    Lincoln’s Legacy: Foreign Policy by Assassination

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” For proof of this axiom, we need only look at the foreign policy pursued by the U.S. government since the end of World War II.

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  • August 2002

    Lincoln and the Death of the Old Republic

    Official history venerates Abraham Lincoln as an apostle of American democracy who waged war on the South to preserve the Union and free the slaves. Official history is a lie.

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  • March 2002

    Power, Legitimacy, and the 14th Amendment

    Like the emperor’s new clothes, however, the 14th Amendment does not exist. It was never constitutionally ratified, and, thus, acts of the government of the United States that are based on the 14th Amendment are actually illegitimate.

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  • October 2001

    The Dangerous Myth of American Exceptionalism

    One thing that distinguishes the French from the Americans is that the French have the good grace to number their failed political experiments—two kingdoms, two empires, and five republics.

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  • Fighting the Big War
    May 2001

    Fighting the Big War

    "What did you do in the big war?" his grandchildren asked. Ralph Walker Willis has answered them in My Life as a Jarhead: USMC 1941-45, a valuable book for anyone interested in the subjects of history and heroism.

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  • August 2000

    A Heated Topic

    The Confederate Flag has become a heated topic this election year. As George W. Bush and John McCain battled in South Carolina for the Republican presidential nomination, the New York Young Republican Club invited Richard Lowry, the editor of National Review, to discuss the Republican Party's prospects for November.

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  • November 1998

    Territorial Bliss

    Historically, a territory was a temporary political status granted to land administered by the federal government as long as the population was too small and scattered to govern as a state.

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  • September 1998

    Clinton's Nominee

    Richard Holbrooke is President Clinton's nominee to replace Bill Richardson as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

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  • April 1998

    The Politics of Illegitimacy Rates

    Since the early 1960's, compiling statistics on illegitimacy rates in the United States has been the official responsibility of the National Center for Health Statistics.

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  • February 1998

    The Censored History of Internment

    In March 1997, Japanese-Peruvians who had been interned in the United States during World War II called upon President Clinton to issue an executive order awarding them financial compensation similar to that awarded in 1988 to Japanese-American former internees and relocatees under Public Law 100-383.

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  • November 1997

    The Politics of Hispanic Identity

    The federal government officially recognizes "Hispanic"—an artificial and arbitrary concept devoid of ethnic, racial, cultural, or linguistic meanings—as a legitimate collective identity for two reasons.

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  • May 1997

    The Politics of Hate Crime Statistics

    The FBI's "Hate Crime Statistics"—preliminary figures for 1995 were released in November—are highly suspect because of the agency's flawed methodology.

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