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Jonathan Ellis writes from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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  • The Coming Republican Donkey
    June 2008

    The Coming Republican Donkey

    The end is near for our Golden Age of Republican Party rule. The first blow came in 2006, when horrified voters kicked the GOP back to minority status in Congress.

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  • We the People
    August 2007

    We the People

    Anna Nicole Smith’s departure from earth and pop singer Britney Spears’ descent into madness riveted a good chunk of the nation.

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  • Missed Opportunity

    Last November, South Dakota’s pro-life community was a united force.

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  • January 2007

    The Next Abortion Battle

    Abortion opponents in South Dakota had a simple message for voters in the mid-term election: Vote what you know in your heart is right. More than 148,000 people heeded the call, voting to retain a state law that banned virtually all abortions in South Dakota.

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  • Operation Futility
    November 2001

    Operation Futility

    Mark Bowden's book, Killing Pablo, is an exciting and informative piece of investigative journalism that raises troubling questions about America's use of covert forces throughout the world.

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  • Animal Farm
    October 2001

    Animal Farm

    Martin Fletcher worked seven years as a Washington, D.C., correspondent for the London Times. Before returning to Britain, he packed up a car and hit the road for a five-month journey that started in Virginia and ended in Seattle.

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  • April 2000

    Slaughter on the High Seas

    The sun had not yet risen when a crew of seven Makah Indians launched its hand-carved cedar canoe into the frigid waters around Neah Bay, Washington.

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  • July 1999

    On the Celebrity Waterfront

    By the time I arrived at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, the selection was over. About 200 people had won coveted bleacher seats to the red-carpet entrance of the 71st Academy Awards.

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Results: 8 Articles found.