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Jonathan Chaves is professor of Chinese in the Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures at The George Washington University.

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  • December 2011

    China's Lord of Heaven

    I have been spending my spring sabbatical in China. As I am a sinologist, specializing in traditional Chinese poetry, there is nothing surprising in that, except that I have not been here since 1981, when I led a tour group for less than three weeks.

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  • Truth in Memory
    May 2011

    Truth in Memory

    Carlos Eire has an hilarious sense of humor and continues to paint unforgettable scenes of boyhood awkwardness or hell-raising that appear to spring from a limitless font of poignant examples.

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  • September 2010

    The Quest for Certitude

    I must thank you sincerely for your extremely thoughtful gift of Saturday by British novelist Ian McEwan. I have read the book with great interest and enjoyment. What is more, it has sent me back to “Dover Beach,” which it uses so creatively, and to Matthew Arnold in general, with a new perspective.

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  • The Body's Vest
    January 2010

    The Body's Vest

    Here, beyond question, is a milestone in American poetry. Although the Neo-Formalist movement has existed now for two or more decades, even this school has produced a great many works that, while formally polished, remain empty at their core.

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  • September 2009

    History and Nature

    Thanks for your response. I enjoyed it immensely, and I believe you will understand that this is debate as it should be, not the invective that often substitutes for intellectual vibrancy these sad days.

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  • Victims of Pleasure
    January 2005

    Victims of Pleasure

    I had long since given up on contemporary American fiction, although the Neoformalist movement has reinvigorated my interest in some of today’s American poets. The last American novelist I really admired was Walker Percy.

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  • When West Meets East
    September 1995

    When West Meets East

    When Virginia Governor George Allen recently attempted to return the curriculum of his state's public school system to a solid grounding in Western and American history, his plan, greeted with howls of indignation from the National Educational Association and their minions in the state legislature, was soundly defeated.

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  • July 1987

    Fine China

    Anyone who fondly supposes that the Chinese Communists are the "good" Communists should read this exciting, powerful book by the Belgian sinologist Pierre Ryekmans, writing under his nom de plume, Simon Leys.

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  • Faith and Empathy
    August 1986

    Faith and Empathy

    The progressive turning away from belief in God that characterized Western intellectuals during the 19th century continues, alas, in the 20th. This intellectual shift has often been attributed to the triumphs of science and to the theories of Marx, Freud, and Darwin.

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Results: 9 Articles found.