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  • May 1995

    Mailer on Madonna

    It is appropriate that Norman Mailer should be ga-ga over Madonna, since Mailer's own lifestyle has been rather— how shall I put it—eccentric, as reported by Hilary Mills in her book Mailer: A Biography.

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  • Sins of Omission
    April 1995

    Sins of Omission

    The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind is that, as Mark Noll puts it, "there is not much of an evangelical mind"; that, despite all their other virtues, "American evangelicals are not exemplary for their thinking, and they have not been for several generations"; and that, at a popular level, "modern American evangelicals have failed notably in sustaining serious intellectual life."

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  • December 1994

    A Lot to Be Desired

    As an orthodox Bible-believing Christian, I find that much of what is said by the so-called "religious right" and "religious left"—to put it charitably—leaves a lot to be desired and is, ironically, un-Christian.

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  • November 1994

    Society is to Blame

    Patti Davis, Reagan's little girl whose nude body graced the cover of the July Playboy, has finally settled down, gotten her act together—and written a novel about bondage. Yes, bondage.

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  • August 1993

    Darwin Is Wrong

    Regarding the inaugural "poem" . . . Joan Rivers. Atrium. A poet manqué without a poem. Or even a coherent thought. But sexually, racially, politically correct. Living proof Darwin is wrong.

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  • July 1993

    Sex and Soldiering

    My, how time flies, sir. It seems like only yesterday (it was in late November 1991, actually) that you were apologizing after being caught telling a so-called gay-bashing anti-lesbian joke to Jerry Brown.

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  • December 1989

    The Puritan and the Profligate

    John Lofton Interviews Allen Ginsberg

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