John Chodes

John Chodes is a playwright Uving in New York City. 

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  • April 1990

    Grandma's Appointment in Samara

    When my grandmother was 89 she became a mild celebrity as a painter. Another Grandma Moses. Only better, at least I thought so. She began painting in her late 60's, after her husband died, to fill the void and loneliness.

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  • October 1989

    The Poet as Cleaning Lady

    Kristine Thatcher's play "Niedecker", produced earlier this year by the Women's Project at the Apple Corps Theatre in New York, is about paradoxes. It is the story of the reclusive poet Lorine Niedecker (1903-1970).

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  • Education for a Conquered Nation
    March 1989

    Education for a Conquered Nation

    Declining test scores. Illiterate, spiritless, and passive graduates who have little motivation to find a job or succeed. Youngsters with no skills to compete in the marketplace. This is the tragic record of American public education, after billions of dollars and 127 years of direct federal funding.

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  • Mutiny In Paradise
    February 1988

    Mutiny In Paradise

    In December 1787 His Majesty's armed transport Bounty crept out of Portsmouth harbor on a clandestine mission, heading for the vast and largely uncharted South Pacific. Tahiti, a tiny pinpoint of land in the Polynesian Islands, was the goal.

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