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John C. Chalberg writes from Minnesota, where he teaches American history.

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  • The Country Against the Empire
    August 2013

    The Country Against the Empire

    A prophet and a polemicist, David Gelernter displays anything but a light touch in this attack on “imperial academia” and what it has wrought. Like most prophets, Gelernter the polemicist hopes to be proved wrong.

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  • The End of Education
    February 2012

    The End of Education

    “Crazy U?” Or “Crazy Me?” A self-deprecating Andrew Ferguson must at least have been tempted by such a title. His self-absorbed son (and what 17-year-old isn’t?) would surely have agreed, had he been remotely aware of the grief that the whole insane matriculation process was causing his father.

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  • An Interlocking Directorate
    October 2003

    An Interlocking Directorate

    Anti-Catholicism is far from new to America, but there certainly is a new anti-Catholicism in America.

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  • Two Skeptics
    March 2003

    Two Skeptics

    H.L. Mencken has been given a fairly free ride by his various biographers. That ride is now officially over. It might have ended even sooner, had Terry Teachout been able to make up his mind about his subject.

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  • Brief Mentions: Never Stop Running
    July 1994

    Brief Mentions: Never Stop Running

    "What is one to make of such a life?" asks William Chafe near the end of his intimate investigation into the peripatetic life of Allard Lowenstein. Chafe's Lowenstein was a man in perpetual anguish.

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  • Brief Mentions
    April 1994

    Brief Mentions

    The perfect gift for the armchair warrior. The Patton Mind traces the intellectual development of a "profane man of action" who, Roger Nye notes, "left behind the most complete record of exhaustive professional study of any World War II general—or any general in American history, for that matter."

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  • Sanity Begins at Home
    September 1991

    Sanity Begins at Home

    To begin on a positive note: anyone who shuddered at the prospect of a barely thirty-something Edward Kennedy in the U.S. Senate cannot be wholly without redeeming social value.

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  • November 1988

    Saint William

    Saint William? A canonization has occurred without prior beatification. A still living and breathing William F. Buckley Jr. has been elevated to sainthood. And by whom? Not by the pope and not by Buckley's own flock, but by a man of the left.

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  • July 1988

    A Hatchery at The Nation

    If Eleanor Roosevelt was the self-appointed godmother of post-New Deal liberalism, then Freda Kirchwey was its unelected recording (and traveling) secretary. Each woman understood her role and memorized her lines before assuming her part in her long and stormy run on the political stage.

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  • February 1988

    Pseudo-History of Events

    Horace Greeley may have had it right for his 19th-century compatriots, but the proper direction for the ambitious voyagers of this century has too often been eastward. Just ask New Mexico's own Samuel Andrew Donaldson.

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  • July 1987

    Unraveling the Remnant

    For years, or at least for that stretch of time between the heady days of Theodore Roosevelt and the hapless days of Jimmy Carter, something called the Eastern establishment benevolently ruled over America.

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  • February 1987

    The Padre From Chicago

    Exhibitionism is a sin yet to be legitimized in Father Andrew Greeley's ongoing excursion into soft porn (or those novels which he euphemistically christens his "comedies of grace").

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