John W. Aldridge

John W. Aldridge (1922-2007) was an American writer, literary critic, teacher and scholar. He was a professor of English at the University of Michigan, director of the Hopwood Program, USIA Special Ambassador to Germany and an esteemed literary critic.

Latest by John W. Aldridge in Chronicles

  • July 1988

    Candy Store Dreams

    Boyhood was once a distinct and definable stage in the life cycle of the American male. It was also by the standards of today almost unbelievably innocent. At least it was in the small Midwestern city where I grew up just before the Depression.

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  • Wild Parlor Games
    November 1986

    Wild Parlor Games

    From the beginning of his literary career, Robert Coover has been driven by the quite commendable ambition to make radical innovations in the forms and styles of contemporary fiction.

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  • The Novel and the Imperial Self
    October 1986

    The Novel and the Imperial Self

    Preoccupation with the state of the novel was until about 10 years ago one of the major bores of American criticism. From the early 1950's well into the 60's, it was scarcely possible to get through a month without reading as a rule in the Sunday book review supplements or the editorial page of Life . . .

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