John P. Sisk

John P. Sisk is Arnold Professor of the Humanities at Gonzaga University. His forthcoming book is Tyrannies of Virtue (University of Oklahoma Press). 

Latest by John P. Sisk in Chronicles

  • Character and Nuclear Anxiety
    February 1990

    Character and Nuclear Anxiety

    American society is widely recognized as youth-oriented, but it has been a long time since any authoritative source has given us really good news about the young.

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  • The Fear of Crisis
    March 1988

    The Fear of Crisis

    In the November 1986 Encounter, the Princeton University economist Harold James sets out to tell us "Why We Should Learn to Love a Crisis." His explanation is not quite what we would expect from a champion of a market economy.

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  • The Order of Virtue
    June 1987

    The Order of Virtue

    For some time now, the literature of the sporting world has offered one of the most agreeable ways of experiencing revisions of public reality. Perhaps this is why it is hard to read Howard Cosell's best-seller I Never Played the Game without a sense of deja vu.

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  • The Doors of Deception
    October 1986

    The Doors of Deception

    One of the many sociological uses of Hollywood is its dramatic availability when things go wrong in America. Michael Satchell, for instance, has raised the question in Parade of whether the movies by too often glamorizing drugs and alcohol encourage their use among young people.

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