John A. Howard

John Addison Howard, founder of The Rockford Institute, which publishes Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, passed away at the age of 93.

Latest by John A. Howard in Chronicles

  • Clayton R. Gaylord, R.I.P.

    Clayton R. Gaylord, chairman of The Ingersoll Foundation and the first chairman of The Rockford Institute, died on January 3. He had a remarkable career as industrialist, civic leader, and philanthropist.

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  • February 1998

    Clyde A. Sluhan, R.I.P.

    Clyde A. Sluhan's death on November 6 deprived The Rockford Institute of one of its most devoted and effective patrons. One of the original directors of the Institute, Clyde had served a term as Board Chairman, and at the age of 85 was still an active member of the Institute's Executive Committee.

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  • R.I.P. Richard Nixon

    Few people know that for eight years Richard Nixon presided over the first federal program using the leverage of government contracts to open jobs for minority workers.

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  • Tolerance As 'Highest Virtue'

    William Bennett, in a speech at Harvard, chided America's intellectuals for criticizing the war on drugs without having done their homework. As is his custom, Dr. Bennett laid down some bad news that was as well-founded as it was unwelcome.

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  • Taking the King's Shilling
    September 1989

    Taking the King's Shilling

    Historically, the primary function of schooling has been to teach the young how to live responsibly and productively in their own society. In our day, the notions of civic, familial, and vocational obligations have been virtually banished from pedagogy.

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