John A. Baden

John Baden is chairman of the Foundation for Research in Economics and the Environment in Bozeman, Montana, and Seattle. 

Latest by John A. Baden in Chronicles

  • February 1991

    Restoring Island Park

    The great Yellowstone caldera, home to Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs, last exploded some 600,000 years ago. With a power more than one thousand times greater than Mt. St. Helen's, it threw boulders the size of Greyhound buses nearly to Kansas.

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  • Sylvan Socialism: The U.S. Forest Service
    August 1990

    Sylvan Socialism: The U.S. Forest Service

    The U.S. Forest Service has custody over 192 million acres of national forest and rangeland—an area nearly equal to Texas and Louisiana combined. Like the National Park Service, the Forest Service is commonly viewed as a stellar example of Progressive Era legislation.

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