Jocelyn Tomkin

Jocelyn Tomkin is on the staff of the astronomy department of the University of Texas.

Latest by Jocelyn Tomkin in Chronicles

  • May 1989

    Celestial Sights

    It is a November evening in 1572. The Danish nobleman and astronomer Tycho Brahe is returning to his uncle's house. As he notes that the clearer sky bodes well for resuming his observations after dinner, a strange, brilliant star suddenly catches his attention.

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  • Time
    September 1988


    Mostly we take space for granted so long as we have enough of it. But what about time? The Romans said "tempus fugit" and said it all, or at least most of it. It is difficult to say more without getting tautological; but we can say that time has only duration so it must be one-dimensional.

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  • Scientific American Goes to Moscow
    September 1987

    Scientific American Goes to Moscow

    Who is Mr. Piel? He is an American, a Harvard graduate (1937 magna cum laude), and a journalist who has devoted his career to the promotion of public understanding of science.

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