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Jim Christie writes from Seattle, Washington.

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  • December 1995

    The New Conservation Movement

    To mainstream environmental activists, Ron Arnold merits special disdain. A former Sierra Club conservation committee member, Arnold now runs, with associate Alan Gottlieb, the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise in Bellevue, Washington.

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  • May 1995

    Dissing the Eco-Paranoids

    If you want to keep up on environmental issues and can do without hectoring advertisements, skip E and consider Garbage magazine, which no longer accepts advertising.

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  • January 1995

    The Pacific Legal Foundation

    Only a few years ago prospects for the Sacramento-based Pacific Legal Foundation, the country's oldest "conservative" public interest law firm, hardly seemed promising. In 1986, PLF president and CEO Ronald Zumbrun decided to indulge in deficit spending to continue unpopular land use and takings litigation.

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  • Jerry Brown Talks
    November 1994

    Jerry Brown Talks

    On July 7 Chronicles sent freelance writer Jim Christie to interview Jerry Brown in Oakland, California.

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  • October 1994

    Pushed Only So Far

    Violent crime in California dropped for the first nine months of 1993 over the same period in 1992, reported attorney general Dan Lungren last winter. But statistics are of no comfort, and Lungren knows it.

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  • Follow the Money

    The California Teachers Association (CTA) and its allies raised $17 million to defeat Proposition 174, California's school voucher initiative, which proposed granting parents a voucher worth as much as $2,600 that could be applied to tuition at public or private schools.

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  • Limits to Litigation
    November 1992

    Limits to Litigation

    Gerald N. Rosenberg, an assistant professor of political science and an instructor in law at the University of Chicago, has some simple advice for activists who think a United States Supreme Court ruling is an end-all: not only are you wrong, but your money is better spent out of court than in court.

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  • S&L to L.A.
    September 1992

    S&L to L.A.

    If you're white in the United States, you, says Professor Andrew Hacker, have at least that much going for you. "No matter how degraded their lives, white people are still allowed to believe that they possess the blood, the genes, the patrimony of superiority," Hacker, a political scientist, writes of white Americans.

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Results: 8 Articles found.