Jigs Gardner

Jigs Gardner writes from Orangedale, Nova Scotia.

Latest by Jigs Gardner in Chronicles

  • January 1992

    The New Utopians

    Picture the scene: I am shoveling shavings into the team wagon, stooping over in my patched overalls and faded flannel shirt to scrape the barn floor clean, now and then climbing into the wagon to tread down the mounting heap.

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  • August 1988

    News From Nowhere

    Talking recently to a Polish friend who has lived in both Canada and the United States, trying to explain the vitality of my countrymen to him, I said finally, "Unless you're an American, you don't know what being alive is!" To which he gloomily replied, "And no one knows what death is till he moves to Canada."

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  • My Country 60's
    February 1988

    My Country 60's

    I lived in Vermont from 1962-71, and I met many of what I later came to call 60's people. While I recognized them for what they were at the time—that required no great penetration—nevertheless there were things about them that puzzled me: Why did they suddenly appear in droves there and then?

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