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Jesse Walker is the managing editor of Reason and author of Rebels on the Air: An Alternative History of Radio in America. His own blogging can be read at

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  • Independent Media Tribes
    June 2004

    Independent Media Tribes

    Last year, when the Washington Post’s Michael Kelly was killed in Iraq, an anonymous contributor to the leftist web network Indymedia announced the sad news with the tasteless headline “WP Nazi columnist bites the Iraqi dust.”

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  • November 1998

    The Progressive Review

    The left-wing press is in an awful state. Take the Nation (please): there's little reason even to flip through it anymore. Oh, Alexander Cockburn is always a pleasure, and Stuart Klawans is a fine movie critic, and Christopher Hitchens is worth reading when he isn't issuing pretentious dispatches from Europe.

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  • May 1998

    Return of the Alehouse

    We are, they say, entering an age of New Media, of talk radio, desktop publishing, and the World Wide Web. Not everyone in the old media is pleased. "The new media cater to and are built up by people who used to sit on bar stools and complain to each other," declared NBC correspondent Gwen Ifill in 1994.

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  • Massive Reductions
    March 1998

    Massive Reductions

    The great political project of our time is the rebellion against giantism: against the state, corporate, and professional leviathans that strangle individuals and communities.

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  • Our Phildickian World
    May 1997

    Our Phildickian World

    Those of us who spent the 1980's trying to explain our affection for this pulp writer no one else had heard of, this author of surreal science fictions and bleak realistic novels, have watched both pop culture and the academy discover and embrace his darkly comic work.

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  • The Muswell Hillbilly
    March 1997

    The Muswell Hillbilly

    It begins, as most rock songs do, with a riff. There is an organ in the background, and a rapidly strumming acoustic guitar. The riff repeats.

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  • November 1996

    Mailer, Breslin, Thompson, and Stern

    There has never been an election conducted above the local level in which one single ballot determined the outcome. And even if there were, I doubt it would matter.

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  • The Populist Rainbow
    March 1996

    The Populist Rainbow

    It is June 1994, and Anthony Hilder is attending a Southern California gathering called "The New World Order." Two overhead projectors beam book-covers alleging Masonic conspiracies onto the walls.

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Results: 8 Articles found.