Jerry Woodruff

Jerry Woodruff is the editor of Middle American News.

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  • The Empire Quacks
    March 2007

    The Empire Quacks

    By comparing America to the empires of the ancient world and Europe, Charles Maier has attempted to answer the question, Is America an empire?

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  • The Imperial Trajectory
    September 2005

    The Imperial Trajectory

    Mention militarism, and names that come to mind probably include men on horseback such as Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte, not such desk-bound keyboard jockeys as Norman Podhoretz and Irving Kristol.

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  • The Now and Future Pat Buchanan
    July 2003

    The Now and Future Pat Buchanan

    Did Pat Buchanan’s politics fail? That is not a question Joseph Scotchie’s biography explicitly seeks to answer, but it is one that a reader of the book cannot help asking.

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  • Congress vs. the Second Amendment
    March 1995

    Congress vs. the Second Amendment

    Like a recidivist criminal free to strike at will, the United States Congress slashed the Bill of Rights last year, tearing through the widely ignored Second Amendment. By itself, the narrow victory in the House of Representatives for the Feinstein/Schumer ban on certain guns and high-capacity magazines was disturbing enough to gunowners.

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