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Jerry D. Salyer writes from Louisville, Kentucky.

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  • Books in Brief: Catholic and Identitarian
    February 24, 2021

    Books in Brief: Catholic and Identitarian

    Are Catholicism and nationalism compatible? That's what Julien Langella examines in his book Catholic & Indentitarian.

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  • Books in Brief: February 2021
    February 2021

    Books in Brief: February 2021

    Reviews of Julien Langella's book on the compatibility of Catholicism and nationalism, Catholic & Indentitarian, and Sicily '43, James Holland's examination of the Sicilian campaign of WWII.

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  • June 2019

    Let’s Stop Equating Slavery and Abortion

    Frequently, pro-life leaders draw a parallel between slavery and abortion. “You Say Abortion Is Legal? The Supreme Court Also Legalized Slavery,” reads one popular bumper sticker.

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  • Nationalism: More to Learn
    March 2019

    Nationalism: More to Learn

    However much they may enjoy watching Captain von Trapp sing “Edelweiss” in The Sound of Music, most Catholic intellectuals nowadays are squeamish about delving too deeply into the production’s historical background.

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  • February 2018

    What Mean Ye By These Stones?

    Pro-slavery or no, a single one of Fitzhugh’s works is easily worth all the publications of a dozen 21st-century mainstream conservatives—neo-or crunchy. Who believes that modern man is so enlightened that he has nothing to learn from Fitzhugh, Morgan, Mastern, or Bottom, just because they were “on the wrong side of history”?

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