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Jeffrey Meyers is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. His life of Samuel Johnson will appear in 2008, and he is now writing a biography of Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe.

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  • March 2000

    Turkish Tally

    A few years ago, my wife and I set off to spend a sabbatical year in Spain, but thought we would go via Turkey. The idea started with a new Swiss "motoring" map that laid out the highways in firm red lines.

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  • The Mirage of Movies
    March 2000

    The Mirage of Movies

    The cinematographer, the director's collaborator and confidant, uses the lens, camera, and lighting equipment to make the fake look real and the real authentic. He creates the visual appearance and style of the film.

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  • December 1999

    Jamaicas of Remembrance

    Most visitors to Jamaica fly to Montego Bay on the north coast and head straight for the resort compound. Fating and drinking at an "all-in" price, confined to their bit of beach, pool, and garden, they are happily protected from reality.

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  • August 1999

    Cruising the Amazon

    Vacations follow fashion, like everything else, and now cruising is back. Full employment, cheap oil, a flush Wall Street—the problem is what to spend it on. And think of the Titanic.

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  • The End of Something
    May 1993

    The End of Something

    Hemingway continues to fascinate. The legendary life and heroic exploits of the man who was so admired, honored, and imitated are now wellknown.

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  • April 1993

    The Quest for Bijou O'Conor

    In 1975 an eccentric old lady who lived near Brighton, England, with a Pekinese gave a taped interview about her affair in 1930 with Scott Fitzgerald.

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  • Bambino and Minotaur
    October 1992

    Bambino and Minotaur

    The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once mentioned the self-punishing limitations of his projected but never written autobiography: "I cannot write my biography on a higher plane than I exist on.

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Results: 27 Articles found.