Jay Mechling

Jay Mechling is professor emeritus of American Studies at the University of California, Davis. 

Latest by Jay Mechling in Chronicles

  • The Rights of Tradition
    May 1986

    The Rights of Tradition

    We are approaching an important centenary, though there probably will be little public notice amid the hoopla over the bicentennial of the Constitution.

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  • December 1985

    The American "Collective" (Day)Dream

    Reading student applications for scholarships, as I have done on and off now for a dozen years on the undergraduate scholarships committee of the University of California, Davis, has some of the qualities of watching a Frank Capra movie.

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  • Animals and "Other Awkward Cases"
    August 1985

    Animals and "Other Awkward Cases"

    Away from the rhetorical heat of the front-line protests, there is a growing body of literature, pro and con, on the moral status and the rights of animals.

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  • Progressive Pilgrim
    May 1985

    Progressive Pilgrim

    Everyone, it seems, is appealing to the authority of American history, of American tradition, to settle the question of religion and politics.

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