Jason Jewell

Jason Jewell is chairman of the Department of Humanities at Faulkner University.

Latest by Jason Jewell in Chronicles

  • Remembering Russell Kirk
    October 2020

    Remembering Russell Kirk

    Kirk taught conservatives about the need to engage the culture on levels other than those of law and politics. The conservative, Kirk insisted, must speak on core concerns not normally addressed in public policy manuals.

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  • Immodest Proposals
    November 2011

    Immodest Proposals

    Why does the institution of the university exist? The university, uniquely among social institutions, exists for the scholar.

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  • September 2007

    Left Implosion

    A debate I attended at the Oxford Literary Festival highlighted growing tensions between classical Enlightenment thought and postmodernism—tensions that threaten to cause a fissure on the British left.

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