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Jason Michael Morgan is an assistant professor at Reitaku University in Japan.

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  • Madison Avenue's Soviet Mole
    July 2020

    Madison Avenue's Soviet Mole

    The enigmatic spy David Karr was an advertising genius, the CEO of a major American defense contractor that marketed the AR-15 to Americans, and who collaborated with the Soviet Union for a number of years until his death in 1979.

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  • The Real White Negro
    February 2020

    The Real White Negro

    There were many wannabe Lucifers in mid-century America, from Saul Alinsky to Herbert Marcuse, but nobody combined sulfur with venom, hate with dead-on aim, the way Norman Mailer did. East Coast revolutionary to the core, Mailer—who once nearly throttled both Gore Vidal and New Yorker writer Janet Flanner on the set of Dick Cavett’s television show—was a spring-loaded pipe bomb stuffed full of spite, touchiness, and mayhem. Mailer hated everyone and everything (including, one presumes, the wife he stabbed), and he was hell-bent on taking out the whole country, at a minimum, on his maniacal road to perdition.

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  • Ride On, Proud Boys!
    September 2019

    Ride On, Proud Boys!

    Canada has not done much to assure the world it is anything other than a dog in search of a lap. Americans declared independence from England in 1776, but Canadians still haven’t mustered the gumption to cut ties with the mother island 522 years after John Cabot planted the flag on Newfoundland for Henry VII. Not exactly Wagnerian heroism pouring out of the north country. It will therefore be no small surprise to learn that the champions of Western civilization—the band of merry misfits who are going to save our skins when the liberal Visigoths go on the warpath after losing another election—are going to be led by a man hailing from none other than the empty attic over the 49th parallel.

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  • August 2019

    Let Us Now Praise Famous G-Men

    Over the past few years, the United States federal government attempted a coup d’état against its own chief executive. Working from “opposition research” paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, the Deep State and its partners in the media came within a hair’s breadth of taking down a sitting president. This was the Night of the Long Knives, J. Edgar Hoover style.

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  • April 2019

    Race and the Classless Society

    A few months ago I was on a long plane ride when something rather startling happened: Someone sitting near me was actually polite. He was in the seat immediately in front of mine, and before reclining he turned to look over his shoulder and asked—asked!—if I would mind if he leaned a little bit into my tiny bubble of cabin space.

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  • #MeToo: Stalinism in Drag
    January 2019

    #MeToo: Stalinism in Drag

    We live in a Puritan country, in which self-righteousness is eternally wedded to cheap theatrics. This explains the dual phenomena of Meryl Streep and Hollywood’s earnest commitment to distributing her films to every country on the planet.

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  • The Politics of Morbid Fascination
    July 2018

    The Politics of Morbid Fascination

    Rafael Palmeiro has ED. How do I know? He told me. He told you, too. Heck, he told the whole country about 15 years ago. He went on national television to say that he was having a bit of trouble with his slugging percentage, and that Viagra had helped him pull out of the slump.

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  • The Pernicious Myth of “Two Americas”
    October 2017

    The Pernicious Myth of “Two Americas”

    Liberalism is not some alternative to family, place, patriotism, and religion: It is a stain on them. Out, damned spot. This land is my land. Not yours.

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  • <em>Delenda Est Academia</em>
    February 2017

    Delenda Est Academia

    [U]niversities are not akin to ships, moving through uncharted waters toward horizons of higher truth. No, American institutes of higher learning are plagues of locusts. Firing a single shot at them is as effective as squishing one insect in the swarm.

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  • What I Saw at Yasukuni
    September 2016

    What I Saw at Yasukuni

    By now, we should all be familiar with the antitraditionalist left’s attempt to erase all traces of opposition to the liberal world order. Over the past decade or so, for example, the antitraditionalists have succeeded brilliantly in demolishing the understanding of marriage that has persisted in every civilized society since the dawn of recorded history.

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  • Faulkner in Japan: The “American Century”
    August 2016

    Faulkner in Japan: The “American Century”

    In August of 1955, William Faulkner traveled to Japan. Based in the out-of-the-way mountain province of Nagano, Faulkner lectured and temple-toured for two weeks, doing the bidding of the U.S. State Department, which had sponsored his trip.

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