James Scruton

James Scruton is Professor of Literature at Bethel College.

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  • A Meeting of Equals
    August 1997

    A Meeting of Equals

    A poet's critical prose holds interest for many people. Scholars examine it for clarifications or contradictions of the poet's verse, admiring readers for echoes of the language that captivated them in the poetry, to which students and new readers may want some kind of "authorized introduction."

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  • A Poetic Vortex
    January 1995

    A Poetic Vortex

    Sometimes it seems as though everyone who was anyone in postwar American poetry was attending, teaching at, or at least near Harvard in the 1950's. This impression is confirmed by Peter Davison's memoir: everyone was.

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  • Carpe Diem
    March 1994

    Carpe Diem

    Years ago, in his essay "Football Red and Baseball Green," Murray Ross contrasted the battlefield dynamics of the former with the latter's ostensibly more pastoral qualities.

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