James S. Fishkin

James S. Fishkin is professor of communication and professor of political science. He is also director of Stanford’s Center for Deliberative Democracy. Fishkin is a widely cited scholar on his work on deliberative democracy. As a way of applying this concept he proposed Deliberative Polling in 1988. 

Latest by James S. Fishkin in Chronicles

  • Reforming the Invisible Primary
    November 1992

    Reforming the Invisible Primary

    We have just completed another round in a continuing national experiment in political theory—the primary selection process as it has been revised in several waves of democratic reform.

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  • Equal Opportunity and the Limits of Liberalism
    May 1986

    Equal Opportunity and the Limits of Liberalism

    The last two decades have seen a remarkable revival in academic political philosophy, particularly in the English-speaking world. A subject which was widely pronounced dead in the 1950's has recently produced thousands of articles and numerous books of real importance.

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